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Lausanne, Switzerland

Specialists in digital solutions for the sport community

We are a dynamic developer agency passionately working at the intersection of sports and technology, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, innovative digital products.

Why? - Let us tell you why you need us

But first…let’s take a look at what you’ve (probably) been doing…

  • 1. You publish an RFP detailing your exact requirements.
  • 2. Agencies respond with their best proposals. You are mesmerised!
  • 3. You choose the best (or what you think is the best) agency.
  • 4. A few months pass going back-and-forth, explaining requirements but all "seems" to be on track.
  • 5. One fine day, the agency tells you “Our dedicated hours are over.”
  • 6. You pay more or your project slows down. You do so hoping the final product will be worth it.
  • 7. When the day finally arrives, you’re underwhelmed! You expected something entirely different.
  • 8. You neither got what you wanted nor when you wanted it.
  • 9. Dejected (and less hopeful than before), you go back to the drawing board and back to step 1

Does this sound familiar?

Well, we’ve have been there! That’s why we jumped on the other side to build sports software differently.


Values - At Zrobb, we do things differently.

Our approach is based on simple principal that "This should be simple". Your product is complex, but we make it seem simple. How do we do that? By getting to the core of what problem you are trying to solve, then figuring out the best ways to solve it, from ideation to delivery.

  • Iterative. We believe in delivering projects quickly and iterating with the help of user feedback. We listen very closely, value your feedback and curate our approach as per the project on hand. Combine this with our experience in the sport industry and expertise in technology, you have an agency that understands your needs minutely and delivers on them in good time.
  • Meticulous. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our knowledge, both in sports and technology. This helps us be thorough in understanding and acting on your requirements, be it at any level in the sporting ecosystem.
  • Fairly priced. We are aware that budgets for digital products are one of the biggest worries for sporting organizations. This is why our solutions are designed to keep costs fair. We also offer an affiliate program that can help you reduce your project costs. For any new project that we onboard with your referral, you will receive a referral bonus. Get in touch with us for more information.
  • Custom content management. At Zrobb we understand the importance of having a robust and customised ways of managing content workflows. That’s why we offer custom tools to help you navigate through the sea of content that you produce.

What we do - Fueling sporting triumphs with tech excellence

With more than a decade of experience in the sports domain, we've built cutting-edge solutions that reached millions of users adding remarkable value to organizations.


CreateSoftware development

Powering sports tech innovations

At our core, we are pioneers of the sports ecosystem, leveraging our deep understanding to create bespoke digital products. Whether it's developing websites that engage fans, crafting cutting-edge mobile apps, or engineering internal applications for streamlined operations, our team brings tech and sports together to shape the future of your sport.


ManageProduct management

Effortless sports project management

When you already have an agency onboard but need a seasoned expert to ensure the successful delivery of your project, we step in as the bridge that unites your vision with unparalleled execution. Our proficiency in both sports and technology allows us to effectively collaborate with your agency, saving you time, minimizing complexities, and delivering results that exceed expectations


CurateGrowth tools

Empowering sports organizations globally

We empower you by understanding your unique needs, with advanced tools like data analytics, email marketing, social media management, digital asset management, and CRM. Communicate effectively, foster connections, and achieve lasting success in the dynamic sports industry.

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